• Budget 2017 Feedback Exercise

    Organised by MCI

    Have any views on the Budget 2017? How does this year's budget affect you? Share them on REACH!

    Submission ends on 6 March 2017
  • National Data Viz Video Challenge

    Organised by GovTech

    Themed ‘How Open Data makes a difference for you and me’, the Challenge seeks to tap on the creativity of our youth to use and analyse open data and tell a story in a visually apt way. We hope for the video to enable our general citizen population to realise the benefits of data in their everyday lives.

    GovTech, with supporting partners, invites students from local universities, polytechnics, junior colleges and institutes of technical education to participate in the inaugural National Data Viz Video Challenge and stand the chance to win attractive prizes.

    Visit www.tech.gov.sg/DataVizSG to find out more!

    Key Dates:
    1. Briefing Session: 17 Feb 2017 (Fri), 6pm – 9pm. Please Register by 13 Feb (Mon).
    2. Submission deadline of entry form and storyboard for Qualifying Round: 28 Apr 2017 (Fri), 2359hrs.

    Submission ends on 28 April 2017, 2359hrs.
  • TechFest 2017 – Hackathon 2017

    Organised by GovTech & NTU SCSE

    If you are tired of doing endless coding assessments that are not getting paid for, this message is for you!

    NTU Computer Science & Engineering Club is proud to present: Govtech- SCSE hackathon 2017.

    Click here to see the winning entries!
  • Call for Ideas - Play For Thrill

    Organised by HDB

    What can we do to add a sense of adventure to the playground, where we can give children an opportunity to explore and take risks? Share your cool idea with us. Design a new generation of playgrounds to encourage creative play for a new generation of children. Show more

    Submission ends on 31 December 2016
  • 20 Under 45

    Organised by URA

    20 Under 45 is an initiative organised by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) that showcases the works of 20 selected young Singapore architects who are aged 45 and below. Having two successful editions in 2004 and 2010, we are proud to present the third edition in 2016. The 20 architects are selected based on the merit of their dossier of works by a panel of assessors drawn from various disciplines - the architectural profession, the professional board, the real estate industry and institutions of higher learning.

    The call for submissions is now open.

    Click here for more details.

    Submission ends on 12 January 2017
  • Budget 2017 - Pre-Budget Feedback exercise

    Organised by MCI

    We want your views for Budget 2017!

    The REACH Pre-Budget Feedback exercise is open from 5 Dec 16 to 13 Jan 17. From employment, training, security to support for families, give us your views on what you hope to see in these areas.

    Find out more.

    Submission ends on 13 January 2017
  • Put the Art in smART – Lunar New Year theme!

    Organised by SNPO

    Will your thematic design be the next one to be featured on www.smartnation.sg?

    We dressed up our homepage cityscape in celebration of National Day, to commemorate our Olympic wins, and ‘jazzed’ it up with the winning year-end festivities thematic design from the inaugural “Put the Art in smART” contest! Now, we’re looking to ‘dress up’ the cityscape to celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year, and you can play a part in this! Contest is now open and submission ends 20 Jan 2017. Check out www.smartnation.sg/smART for details of how you can participate!

    Submission ends on 20 January 2017
  • NUS Hack&Roll 2017

    Organised by NUS

    Hack&Roll is a 24-hour hackathon that takes place at the School of Computing, NUS from 21-22 January 2017. Hack&Roll 2017 is the largest student-run hackathon in Singapore, it’s completely free to attend and we welcome students from all levels to participate. There are no specific themes or limits in the hackathon and it will be a great opportunity for students to express their creativity and development skills. Also, there are exciting prizes to be won. Find out more.

    Key Dates:
    1. Registration start & end: 21 Jan 2017 (Sat)
    2. Event Date: 21 Jan - 22 Jan 2017 (Sat - Sun)

    Registration close on 21 January 2017
  • Designathon 2017

    Organised by DSG

    Designathon 2017 is a DesignSingapore Council initiative for designers, developers, entrepreneurs, students, healthcare workers and social service providers to collaborate on identifying design solutions for people with disabilities in Singapore. The theme this year is “Inclusive Design” in which the proposed concepts should enhance the lives of people with disabilities in the following (but not exclusive) areas: gaining greater independence; social integration; finding employment. For details about Designathon 2017, please register for the Info Session on Tuesday, 20 December.

    Key Dates:
    1. Info Session: 20 Dec 2016 (Tues), 18:30 – 21:00
    2. Designathon Proposal Submission End Date: 22 Jan 2017 (Sun)
    3. Pre-Designathon Workshop: 10 Feb 2017 (Fri), 18:30 -21:00
    4. Designathon: 18 and 25 Feb 2017 (Sat): 08:30 – 18:00

    Submission close on 22 January 2017
  • HDB Greenprint Fund

    Organised by HDB

    Here is the chance for you to make a difference in transforming Teck Ghee into a more sustainable and smarter neighbourhood. 'HDB Greenprint Fund' will support and fund the development and implementation of Smart and Sustainable Solutions within the Teck Ghee precinct.

    Please visit www.hdb.gov.sg/greenprintfund for more details.

    Submission ends on 28 February 2017
  • Put the Art in smART - Year-end Festivities Cityscape

    Organised by SNPO

    The end of year festivities is approaching; let's celebrate by adding some ‘jazz’ to our cityscape!

    We ‘dressed up’ the interactive cityscape on our website to mark National Day and to commemorate our Olympic wins. Now, YOU can play a part in designing the cityscape to celebrate the upcoming year-end festivities!

    Stand to WIN up to S$1,000 worth of cash vouchers, and the winning design may grace our #SmartNation website too!

    Submission have ended. Visit smartnation.sg/smart for more information.
  • Love Your Food Recipe Contest

    Organised by NEA

    Do you have a great recipe that uses leftovers to make a delicious new dish? Tell us and win amazing prizes! Our 4 favourite recipes will win a premium food processor worth $500 and be featured in an exclusive video series. We also have 16 consolation prizes also up for grabs, so hurry!

    Submission ended. Click here for more information.
  • Tech-Factor Challenge 2016

    Organised by ST Electronics in partnership with SPRING

    If you are a Budding Entrepreneur, Engineering Enthusiast, or Aspiring Silverpreneur, we want you! Register and submit your proposals by 10 October 2016 at www.techfactorchallenge.com.sg.

    Registration ended. Click here for more information.
  • National Climate Change Competition 2016 Viewers’ Choice contest

    Organised by NCCS

    Here’s a chance to win a 2D1N staycation at Sentosa simply by voting for your favourite National Climate Change Competition (NCCC) 2016 videos on Facebook. Vote now at bit.ly/NCCC2016. All voters stand a chance to win a prize, but the more you vote, the greater your chances of winning!

    Voting ended. Click here for more information.
  • Cool Ideas – Call for Ideas on Innovative Interventions to Promote Health & Fitness

    Organised by HDB

    Do you have a cool idea that could be introduced to enhance our physical amenities or to encourage residents to practise healthy living habits by making the experience more enjoyable? Show more

    Submissions have closed.
  • code::XtremeApps:: 2016

    Organised by ITSC and IDA

    Singapore’s Smart Nation journey is an all-inclusive, co-creative journey, and it takes another step forward with the tenth edition of the annual code::XtremeApps:: (CXA) hackathon. CXA 2016’s theme will be focused around financial technologies (“FinTech”).
    Show more

    Results will be out soon!
  • Cool Ideas – Calling for Ideas on Elderly Friendly Innovations

    Organised by HDB

    By 2020, one out of every five residents will be a senior. The silver generation will have its own special needs and demands. HDB is looking for innovative ideas with positive impact on the elderly in their everyday lives. If you have an idea, this is the platform for you to contribute! Show more

    • Prize Value $2000
    • Ideas 0
    • Comments 0
    Submissions is now closed.
  • Good Neighbours Project 2016

    Organised by HDB

    Find out which are the shortlisted and Most Outstanding Projects for Good Neighbours Project 2016.

    Click here for more information!
  • SG Heart Map - Home is where the Heart is

    Organised by SG Heart Map – a signature programme under SG50

    Singapore is home to us for many reasons, and there are places in Singapore that will always be meaningful and special to each of us.

    As part of the nation’s 50th birthday, we are creating the SG Heart Map to celebrate these places with special moments by every generation. Your special place and story will be part of this first-ever crowd-sourced map of the nation’s ‘heart’ and special moments.

    So pick a place, share your story about it and join us in creating our special SG Heart Map at www.heartmap.sg.

    Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

    Submissions now open.
  • The Ubin Project

    Organised by MND

    Calling all friends and fans of Pulau Ubin to share with us your ideas and proposals to enhance the island's natural environment! Show more

    • Ideas 72
    • Comments 36
    Open now
  • ‘Celebrating LIFE in the Heartlands’ Photography Competition 2016

    Organised by HDB

    Take a look at the winning entries for our photo competition this year.

    Click here for more information!
  • Anti-Drug Video Competition

    Organised by CNB

    Inviting students and youths aged between 13 and 25. Form a team of up to 4 persons or participate individually and produce an animation video or a short film based on the theme “Drugs are addictive. Don’t start because there is no escape”. The closing date for submission is 5 February 2016.

    Click here for more information.

    Submission has closed.
  • Cool Ideas – Calling for Ideas on Placemaking

    Organised by HDB

    Find it frustrating that the void deck is always pretty lonesome? Or that the public exercise areas are neglected? Have you felt that some of the spaces around HDB estates are underutilized or misused? If so, this is the platform for you to take action! Show more

    • Prize Value $2000
    • Ideas 0
    • Comments 0
    Submissions is now closed.